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God has not Abandoned the World: A Joint Statement

The text of the joint declaration signed on June 10, 2002 by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and Pope John Paul II on the shared Christian responsibility to safeguard the environment. We are gathered here today in the spirit of peace for the good of all human beings and for the care of creation. At this [...]


Proprietors or Priests of Creation?

by Metropolitan John (Zizioulas) of Pergamon I The development of ecological awareness and sensitivity in the last years has led to the use of various models of speaking about the relation of the human being to nature. The prevailing one among these models is that of steward: the human being is the steward of creation. [...]


A Note on Political Theology – by Christos Yannaras

Professor Christos Yannaras   The following paper appeared in St. Vladimir's Theological Quarterly, Volume 27, Number 1 (1983), pp. 53-56. The author, Christos Yannaras, is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in Athens, Greece. To English readers, he is best known for his books The [...]


Saint Kosmas the Aitolian

One of the most important individuals to appear among the Greek people during the period they were subject to the Ottoman Turks was a diminutive monk named Kosmas. Because he was a native of the province of Aitolia in western Greece, he is best known as Kosmas the Aitolian, although among the people of his [...]


Saint Anthony the Great

Adapted from Thomas Merton’s book The Wisdom of the Desert In the 4th century AD the deserts of Egypt, Palestine, Arabia and Persia were settled by people who left behind them a strange reputation. They were the first Christian hermits, who abandoned the cities of the ancient Roman world to live in the solitude and [...]


The Way of Life and the Way of Death

Taken from an ancient Christian document called The Didache or The Teaching of the Apostles, written anonymously circa 125-150 AD. There are two Ways: the Way of Life and the Way of Death and the difference between these two Ways is great. The Way of Life is this: first, you shall love the Lord God, [...]


How Christians Live

from the Apology of St. Aristedes of Athens to the Roman emperor, Antoninus Pius, circa 150 AD from our Ambassador publication for February 2000 Christians know and believe in God as the Creator of heaven and earth in whom and from whom all things exist. They have learned God’s commandments and they live by them [...]


Saint John Chrysostom: The Prophet of Charity

by Father Georges Florovsky CHRYSOSTOM was a powerful preacher. He was fond of preaching, and regarded preaching as the duty of a Christian minister. Priesthood is authority, but it is authority of word and conviction. This is the distinctive mark of Christian power. Kings compel, and pastors convince. The former act by orders, the latter [...]


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