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Since our parish campus will be under construction all year, our Church School theme for this year is “God the Builder.” This theme reminds us that even though we work hard to build things, grow, and move forward, “the builder of all things is God!” (Hebrews 3:4). This will be a busy year for our Church School with special activities each month. The blessing of teachers and children took place on September 17th, the first day of classes. We heard our students sing the first part of the Divine Liturgy on our Parish Feastday (October 29th.) Regular Youth Choir practices have been taking place through October and November in preparation for the Christmas Pageant on December 17th. Our Church School “Gallery Walk” Open House will take place during Coffee Hour in January, “Bring a Friend to Church Sunday” in February, the St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival in March, the Great and Holy Friday Youth Retreat and Godparent-Godchild Sunday in April. Please keep our Church School program: students, teachers, aides, and directors in your prayers.

2018 Events

  • “Hero Central” Vacation Bible School! June 18 – 21, 2018

    Featuring Heros of the Bible
    9:45 am -Noon, (each day ends with play on inflatable slides.  Family Picnic and Free Play every day from Noon until 1 pm.
    Volunteers needed for the 50+ children we expect this year.

Vacation Bible School

June 18-21

Ages 3 through entering 6th Grade

For more information and to Register Now

Volunteers needed!

Sunday Schedule

Ages 3-12th grade

10:00 Divine Liturgy

Families worship together. This is critical to true Christian Education. You are giving your children a great blessing by allowing them to learn to participate in the community of Faith in the Divine Liturgy.

10:15 “On-Time” ticket distribution ends (Some classes have a small “on-time” reward program)

Students will be ushered for Holy Communion after the Choir

Students will exit at rear of Church, then proceed to their classes.

12:00-12:15 Class dismissed.

(Parents are asked to wait until class has been dismissed before calling for children.) Occasionally a student needs to be released prior to dismissal. To avoid lesson disruption, he or she should come to class with a parent note indicating the time and reason for early release.

Classes meet every Sunday except

April 8, 2018– Great & Holy Pascha (Easter) Sunday,
and April 15, 2018– Godparent/Godchild Sunday

What your student should know

Objectives by grade level

High School

  • Contemporary Moral Issues (9th/10th grades)
  • Teenage Ten Commandments (9th/10th grades)
  • Come Receive the Light Bible Studies, vol. 1
  • Come Receive the Light Bible Studies, vol. 2
  • Who Is God? Who Am I? Who is my Neighbor? (11th/12th grades)
3/4 yr. olds

CoTeacher: Joann Cokas

Co-Teacher: Juliana Wissa

5 Yrs. & Kindergarten

Co-Teacher: Regina Blankenhorn

Co-Teacher: Connie Cunningham

Co-Teacher: Kana Tesfa

Aide: Sherie Sardis

Aide: Debbie Neforos

Aide: Dina Lidis

1st//2nd Grades

Co-Teacher: Bea Dargavel

Co-Teacher: Georgia Theodorou

Co-Teacher: Poly Zweigle

Aide: Andrea Britigan

Aide: Jennifer Durban

Aide: Katina Waggoner

3rd Grade

Co-Teacher Priscilla Tedesco

Co-Teacher Angelik Torris

Co-Teacher: Nevine Erian

Substitute Teacher: Carol Lovato

Aide: Elena Chernysheva

Aide: Monica Leontas

4th Grade

Co-Teacher: Denise Canellos

Co-Teacher: Maria Conley

Aide: Nikki Koutures

5th/6th Grade

Co-Teacher: Lydia Pearson

Co-Teacher: Tom Neforos

Aide: Laura Brozek

7th/8th Grade

Co-Teacher: Steve Tibbs

Co-Teacher: Jim Leontas

Aide: Rob McLin

9th/10th Grade

Co-Teacher: Dean Langis

Co-Teacher Patricia Schneider-Zioga

Aide: Matthew Manneh

11th/12th Grade
Co-Teacher: John BritiganCo-Teacher: Dorothea LoveCo-Teacher: Jennifer HampsonAide: Cherise Matthews
Special Ed. Coordinator: Helen Condas

Oratorical Festival Chairs: Andrea Fouts and Calee Lee

Youth Choir: Director: Andrea Fouts; Asst. Director: Jennifer Hampson

Room Parent Coordinator: Irene Aviles

Church School Board of Directors: Dorothea Love , MaryAnne Smith , Steve Tibbs, Denise Canellos, Dora Morley, Eve Tibbs (Superintendent)

New students are welcome throughout the year!


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