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As you spend time in your car going to work please find one of these great podcasts to help you grow in your faith.

The Spiritual Guide in Eastern Orthodoxy

Host Kevin Allen speaks with Father Steven Tschlis about the role of the spiritual guide - father or mother - in the Eastern Orthodox tradition, and how such a guide may differ from one's parish priest or sacramental confessor. Should we look for a "spiritual father or mother" in a monastery? What role does the [...]

The Power of Perspective

September 19, 2015 Length: 15:27 Why does the Orthodox Church celebrate the Elevation of the Holy Cross? A device meant for torture and a grizzly death is held up, venerated, and even kissed! Why? Well, because what humanity meant for evil, God transformed into Victory and Life!

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From the Heart

August 25, 2015 Length: 12:19 A Servant owes his Master millions and he's forgiven. Then this wicked servant turns on a fellow servant who owes him a few dollars and he throws his co-worker in prison! The Master is not happy and takes His servant he had forgiven such a great debt and throws him [...]

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Because Of Your Little Faith

August 14, 2015 Length: 15:57 Jesus uses seemingly harsh language when a father brings an epileptic son to the Lord for healing. But it's only because it's only this kind of language that can break past the selfishness of our own hearts to teach us how to have faith the size of a mustard seed!

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Living Without a Safety Net

August 3, 2015 Length: 13:08 The crowd followed the Lord into a "lonely place" knowing full well there was no food there. But heir courage and desire for Christ overcame their fear of physical hunger. Does your love and desire for Christ overcome your fear of lesser desires?

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Untamed Passions

July 8, 2015 Length: 13:31 Jesus confronts two men who have become "demoniacs" that is these men had so been overcome by their passions and unbridled desires that they were more animal than man. What a powerful picture of the dangers to us in today's society! Learn how the Faith is meant to tame the [...]

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Know How To Fish

June 21, 2015 Length: Jesus promised His disciples that He would transform them from fishermen to "Fishers of men." How does that apply to us today as Orthodox Christians? In fact, why are you Orthodox?

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The Purpose of the Spirit

June 10, 2015 Length: The Feast of Pentecost celebrates the Coming of the Holy Spirit on the first disciples of Jesus. But why? As followers of Christ, we too, have been given the grace of the Holy Spirit in our lives as well. So, does the closeness of the Spirit in your life reflect a [...]

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That They May Be ONE

May 31, 2015 Length: Our society has become a place where Radical Autonomy has been elevated to the highest good. What "I" want is considered the highest value and the measure of the happiness of my life. But Christianity has a different value system based on Radical Communion.

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