“A Lenten Journey to Great and Holy Pascha” is an 11-week virtual youth Religious Education program created by the Orthodox Youth Mentorship Program of Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, Camarillo (under the direction of Father Gary Kyriacou) and sponsored by the Christian Education Ministry of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco. 

All students in the San Francisco metropolis, grades Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade, may sign up to participate.  This program will cover key themes of the liturgical cycle beginning with the Triodion, continuing into Great Lent, through Holy Week and concluding with Holy Pascha.  A team of volunteer teachers will engage students with lessons, activities, and service projects. 

This program will take place live via Zoom.  High school and college students will participate as mentors and activity leaders. 

The program dates are February 21st through Friday, April 30th.  Virtual classes will meet each Sunday at 12:30 for approximately one hour (slightly less for younger students). The final meeting will take place on Great and Holy Friday (April 30th).   

There is no cost to attend, but registration is required.  The registration deadline has been extended.
Please contact Program Coordinator Maria Tangalos with any questions: mariatangalos@gmail.com

Student Participant Form & Information

Volunteer Form and Information

What your student should know

Objectives by grade level

High School

  • Contemporary Moral Issues (9th/10th grades)
  • Teenage Ten Commandments (9th/10th grades)
  • Come Receive the Light Bible Studies, vol. 1
  • Come Receive the Light Bible Studies, vol. 2
  • Who Is God? Who Am I? Who is my Neighbor? (11th/12th grades)
3/4 yr. olds

CoTeacher: Joann Cokas

Co-Teacher: Juliana Wissa

5 Yrs. & Kindergarten

Co-Teacher: Connie Cunningham

Co-Teacher: Kana Tesfa

Aide: Sherie Sardis

Aide: Debbie Neforos

Aide:  Nevine Erian

Aide: Dina Lidis

1st//2nd Grades

Co-Teacher: Bea Dargavel

Co-Teacher: Poly Zweigle

Aide: Andrea Britigan

Aide: Jennifer Durban

Aide: Cassiani Kateyiannis

3rd /4th Grade

Co-Teacher: Denise Canellos

Co-Teacher:  Maria Conley

Aide: Monica Leontas

Aide:  Nikki Koutures

5th/6th Grade

Co-Teacher: Lydia Pearson

Co-Teacher: Tom Neforos

Aide: Laura Brozek

Aide:  Nicholas Kouracos

7th/8th Grade

Co-Teacher: Steve Tibbs

Co-Teacher: Jim Leontas

9th/10th Grade

Co-Teacher: Dean Langis

Co-Teacher Patricia Schneider-Zioga

Aide: Kyro Beshay

11th/12th Grade
Co-Teacher: John Britigan
Co-Teacher: Dorothea Love
Co-Teacher: Jennifer Hampson
Co-Teacher: Cherise Matthews
Special Ed. Coordinator: Helen Condas

Oratorical Festival Chair: 
Dorothea Love

Youth Choir: Director: Andrea Fouts; Asst. Director: Jennifer Hampson

Church School Board of Directors: Dorothea Love , MaryAnne Smith , Steve Tibbs, Denise Canellos, Dora Morley, Eve Tibbs (Superintendent)

New students are welcome throughout the year!

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