As of September 20, 2020, this is the Liturgy Schedule for October:
9:00 am: in-person Liturgy outdoors
11:00 am: in-person Liturgy indoors, plus live streaming

Grades 1-8:  Church School will take place at 2:00 pm through October.  We know this time is not ideal, but it allows families to attend either Liturgy, whether in person or online, and have time for a meal before class.  Classes will be short—20-30 minutes for Grades 1/2 and 3/4, and 30-40 minutes for Grades 5/6 and 7/8.  Registration is required.  Please register below.

Grades 9-12:  In-person classes will take place in between the two Divine Liturgies, from 10:15-11:00 am. Both High School classes will meet outdoors under the tents, with social distancing and mask wearing.  Please arrive no later than 10:15. 

Register for online Church School during October (1st-8th grades) 

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If you are new to Saint Paul’s Church School, please register for traditional in-person classes, hopefully to begin in November. 

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What your student should know

Objectives by grade level

High School

  • Contemporary Moral Issues (9th/10th grades)
  • Teenage Ten Commandments (9th/10th grades)
  • Come Receive the Light Bible Studies, vol. 1
  • Come Receive the Light Bible Studies, vol. 2
  • Who Is God? Who Am I? Who is my Neighbor? (11th/12th grades)
3/4 yr. olds

CoTeacher: Joann Cokas

Co-Teacher: Juliana Wissa

5 Yrs. & Kindergarten

Co-Teacher: Connie Cunningham

Co-Teacher: Kana Tesfa

Aide: Sherie Sardis

Aide: Debbie Neforos

Aide:  Nevine Erian

Aide: Dina Lidis

1st//2nd Grades

Co-Teacher: Bea Dargavel

Co-Teacher: Poly Zweigle

Aide: Andrea Britigan

Aide: Jennifer Durban

Aide: Cassiani Kateyiannis

3rd /4th Grade

Co-Teacher: Denise Canellos

Co-Teacher:  Maria Conley

Aide: Monica Leontas

Aide:  Nikki Koutures

5th/6th Grade

Co-Teacher: Lydia Pearson

Co-Teacher: Tom Neforos

Aide: Laura Brozek

Aide:  Nicholas Kouracos

7th/8th Grade

Co-Teacher: Steve Tibbs

Co-Teacher: Jim Leontas

9th/10th Grade

Co-Teacher: Dean Langis

Co-Teacher Patricia Schneider-Zioga

Aide: Kyro Beshay

11th/12th Grade
Co-Teacher: John Britigan
Co-Teacher: Dorothea Love
Co-Teacher: Jennifer Hampson
Co-Teacher: Cherise Matthews
Special Ed. Coordinator: Helen Condas

Oratorical Festival Chair: 
Dorothea Love

Youth Choir: Director: Andrea Fouts; Asst. Director: Jennifer Hampson

Church School Board of Directors: Dorothea Love , MaryAnne Smith , Steve Tibbs, Denise Canellos, Dora Morley, Eve Tibbs (Superintendent)

New students are welcome throughout the year!

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