Endowment Fund

The Mission of St. Paul’s Endowment  Fund is to provide for the long-term financial support of St. Paul’s programs, ministries, services, facilities and the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ in Orange County and around the world.

What Is An Endowment Fund?

An Endowment Fund is made up of larger individual gifts and bequests such as a transfer of assets, cash or property donated to St. Paul’s Endowment Fund with the stipulation that it be invested and the principal remain intact in perpetuity. The investment becomes a financial resource that St. Paul’s is able to use.

Why Consider Giving to

St. Paul’s Endowment Fund?

Giving through accumulated, inherited, and appreciated resources may be called “asset stewardship.”

A Christian is called to respond faithfully to God’s grace in Christ.  God has acted in love towards us, calling us to respond with acts of kindness towards others.  As people of God, we are encouraged to give from our accumulated resources during life and at death.  As “asset stewards,”planning for the distribution of all lifetime accumulations, we take a vital step in fulfilling our God’s plan.

The donation can be made by the donor as either a restricted or unrestricted donations. There are many benefits to St. Paul’s as well as tax benefits to the donor.

We, the current generation, are trustees for future generations. Therefore:

  • Leave an enduring legacy for St. Paul’s

  • Help endow the ministries of Christ

  • Give where you and your family will be remembered and  honored

  • Protect your estate and legacy

Tax Benefits to You

In addition to the immense personal satisfaction you gain from knowing that your gift supports St. Paul’s Greek Orthodox Church, you may also receive tax benefits. Depending on the gift arrangements you choose, you may:

Reduce Your Income & Estate Taxes

Increase Your Spendable Income

Attain No-Cost, Worry-Free Asset Management

Charitable Deduction

You can receive a charitable deduction equal to the full market value of an appreciated stock or asset.  In addition, you will not pay a capital gains tax, and, as a result, you and St. Paul’s benefit.

The Different Ways of Planned Giving

Wills & Bequests

Leave a lasting legacy.  This is the most common form of Planned Giving. Simply add St. Paul’s as a beneficiary.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Save taxes and increase your income.  The donor can transfer cash, securities or other assets to a trust, which then pays an income for life or a specific period of time.  Upon death, the remainder of the asset goes to St. Paul’s.  In addition, the trust provides an immediate tax deduction upon its establishment.

Cash, Stocks, Bonds, & Real Estate

Life Insurance

You can gift an existing life insurance policy to St. Paul’s when it is no longer needed for your family or business protection.

Reasons Why People Give to An Endowment Fund

  • They believe in Orthodoxy and its mission and purpose

  • They believe in St. Paul’s as a beacon for future generations

  • They like the idea of perpetuity, that is, giving beyond their own life

  • They like the idea of leaving a legacy and naming an endowment

  • They are dedicated to a specific project or program

  • They like the idea that their gift will grow with sound investment and spending practices

  • They are impressed with the investment advice and proposed management of the endowment

  • They would rather give to St. Paul’s and the tax advantage that an Endowment can offer

  • They have a history of giving to an endowment and understand the benefits

Have a Question or Want to Learn More?

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