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IMG_0620Learn about the Orthodox faith from some of the leading, contemporary theologians in our faith.  Read more

Wisdom of the Saints

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At the celebration of every service in the Church Orthodox Christians are asked to “remember all the saints” beginning with “the Theotokos and ever-virgin Mary” and her “yes” to God’s plan for her life (Luke 1:38); and then, like all of them, to commit “our whole life to Christ our God.” Who are the saints that we are asked to remember in these petitions? Read more

The Scriptures

Do you want to begin reading the Bible, but just not sure how to get started. Here are some important and easy tips to help you get started studying the Holy Scriptures.  Read more



The word icon is a transliteration of the Greek word eikon and is found in the New Testament, particularly in the letters of the apostle Paul. While most Roman Catholic and Protestant Christians are familiar with the biblical theme of Jesus as the Word of God made flesh (John 1:1-14), Orthodox Christians also celebrate the biblical theme of Jesus as the Icon or Image of God. Read more