learn1680x975The basics of the faith and how being an Orthodox Christian can and will change the way you look at the world.

Orthodoxy 101

A new session of OC101, taught by Father Steve, will begin on Wednesday evening, September 23rd at 7PM! We meet in the Education Building in the Father George Stephanides Library. The purpose of this class is to provide a broad overview of the Church’s faith and life, beginning with our worship and is intended for those who wish only to explore Orthodoxy; for those who wish to become members of the Church here at St. Paul’s; and for those members of our parish family already Orthodox but interested in broadening and deepening their faith.

Bible Studies


Reading and understanding the scriptures is critical to your growth as a Christian.  At St. Paul’s we offer several opportunities to study the Bible.  Read more


Orthodox/Roman Catholic Book Club

Beginning at the turn of the third Christian millennium in September, 2000, twenty-five parishioners from St. Paul’s Greek Orthodox Church and St. John Neumann Roman Catholic Church in Irvine, CA have gathered together once each month for a Christian book club that provides an opportunity to pray and study together, to explore our common roots in the first thousand years of Christian history, and engage in ecumenical dialogue at a grassroots level. Read more

Pilgrimage at St. Paul’s

Our pilgrimage in the ancient city of Ephesus - The Library of Celsus

Our pilgrimage in the ancient city of Ephesus – The Library of Celsus

Making a pilgrimage is not tourism. What kind of journey makes you a pilgrim and not just a tourist? Read more