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Introductory Perspectives on Contemporary Moral Issues

Introductory Orthodox Perspectives on Contemporary Moral Issues Reflects editorial changes by the Special Commission that incorporate elaborations and amplifications not included in the original document reviewed and approved for publication by the Holy and Sacred Synod. Excerpt: "The Orthodox Church understands the human person as having been created in the image [...]


Environmental Concerns

Orthodox Perspectives on Environmental Concerns Report of the WCC Inter-Orthodox Consultation, Sofia, Bulgaria, October 1987 (Extracts) Excerpt: "We believe that the created world itself is a 'mystery' originating in the sovereign will of God accomplished by the action (energia) of the Holy Trinity. We confess in the NiceneConstantinopolitan creed (325/381) that [...]


Part 1: How Should Orthodox Parents Talk to Their Kids About Homosexuality?

One of the extremely complicated issues with which Orthodox parents must contend these days is that of homosexuality. How do we talk to our kids about same-sex desires and relationships and how do we do so with the sensitivity, nuance, and frankness that the topic requires?


Gender as Icon and Vocation with Dr. Phil Mamalakis

How do we respond as Orthodox to the changing cultural perceptions of gender, sexuality, and marriage? How are we to understand and respond to those who change their sexual identity or claim that it’s unfair to deprive some people of marriage just because they are “gay”? How do we equip our children to navigate these [...]


Orthodox Christian Morality in Public: Reflections on Sexuality and Bioethics

What is a person? Is our culture confused about what a person is? What is morality? What does it mean to be moral? How does sex fit in? What about homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research and assisted suicide? How should we as Orthodox Christians live regarding these matters? How should we talk to our [...]

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