Women’s Bible Study

Women's Bible Study Philippians Study Questions February 25: Session 7:  Chapter 3:1-4:1     February 18:  Session 6:  Chapter 2:18-30 February 11: Session 5:  Chapter 2:12-18 February 4:  Session 4:  Chapter 1:27-2:11 January 28: Session 3 - Chapter 1-18b-2:4 January 21:  Session 2 - Chapter 1:11-18 January 14:  Session 1 - Chapter 1:1-11     [...]


Holy Fire

ORTHODOXY: STANDING IN THE FLAMES OF THE SPIRIT Excerpted from The Way of Christ by Father Ted Stylianopoulos, professor of New Testament at Holy Cross Seminary in MA and a speaker at our 2000 Spiritual Odyssey Festival. Life is a journey with many stages from birth to death. As the journey progresses new challenges arise. [...]


The Spiritual Father in the Community of St. Pachomius

by Father Steven Tsichlis The spiritual traditions of the desert are not dead and buried, subjects appropriate only for historians and archaeologists, but rather a living deposit of faith which is not irrelevant to our own age.  The recent publication of fine English translations1 of two primary sources concerning this tradition help us to paint [...]


Icons From Our Acolyte Room

The Nativity of the Theotokos The mother of the Theotokos,  St. Anna is being attended by handmaidens. Her father, St. Joachim is attending to the Theotokos at the lower right.  Notice that she appears as a small adult, which is typical in iconography. Notice her very interesting crib....it looks like a [...]


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