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The Book of Love By Father Theodore Stylianopoulos

The Book of Love by Father Theodore Stylianopoulos The Bible is a story of love. It tells about how God expressed His overflowing love through the creation of this magnificent universe and all life in it. It tells about how God blesses, sustains, teaches, corrects, redeems and leads persons to His Kingdom [...]

The Creed with Scriptural References

The Nicene Creed with Scriptural References Select the line from Creed to view the associated references from scripture. Hover over the reference to view the scripture passage. To view commentary, click on the link provided. All passages excerpted from The Orthodox Study Bible, St. Athanasius Orthodox Academy, (2008). [...]

The Victory of Suffering Love

The Victory of Suffering Love by Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware) of Diokleiaan excerpt from his book, The Orthodox Way The incarnation, the birth of Christ in Bethlehem celebrated at Christmas, is already an act of salvation. The Word of God, in taking human flesh and taking up our broken humanity into Himself, restores us. Christ saves us [...]

Consequences of the Fall

Consequences of the Fall by Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware) of Diokleia an excerpt from his book, The Orthodox Way   Created for fellowship with the Holy Trinity, called to advance in love from the divine image to the divine likeness, man chose instead a path that led not up but down. He repudiated the Godward relationship [...]

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