visit6The Reverend Clergy at dinner prior to the Akathist Service at St. Paul’s on Friday night

From left to right…Father Steven Tsichlis, Pastor of St. Paul’s; Catholic Bishop Tod Brown of the Diocese of Orange; Archbishop Demetrios of America; Metropolitan Anthony, Diocese of San Francisco; Father James Bakas, Dean of St. Sophia Cathedral, and Catholic Priest, Father Rafael Luevano

archbishop7The arrival of Archbishop Demetrios to Saint Paul’s – speaking with our Pastor, Father Steven

archbishop9Entrance of Archbishop Demetrios into the church, preceded by Metropolitan Anthony

visit1The blessing of our Parish Missionaries, Anthony and Lara Callas (who are left for Albania on April 5, 2001) by Archbishop Demetrios and Metropolitan Anthony.

archbishop4Lara Callas, Archbishop Demetrios, Metropolitan Anthony and Anthony Callas


visit2The presentation of the Icon of the Theotokos to Bishop Tod Brown, Catholic Diocese of Orange, by His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios and His Eminence Metropolitan Anthony

archbishop8 waterford crossarchbishop6Waterford Cross presented to Archbishop Demetrios by Archon Tyke Camaras (below left) on behalf of the Parish

visitbook1Memory book presented to Archbishop Demetrios by Church School Director, Eve Tibbs on behalf of the children of St. Paul’s. Each of the 130 pages was decorated by an individual child with expressions of affection for our Archbishop, almost all with photographs of the child. The cover was handcrafted by Ron and Priscilla Tedesco.

After the Service

archbishop3Archbishop Demetrios, our beloved, Mrs. Bazacas and Metropolitan Anthony

archbishop2Background: Archbishop Demetrios and George Peters
Foreground: Catholic Bishop Tod Brown and Mary Manos

Photo Gallery from His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios’ Second Pastoral Vist to St. Paul’s on February 17, 2002




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