Introductory Perspectives on Contemporary Moral Issues

Introductory Orthodox Perspectives on Contemporary Moral Issues Reflects editorial changes by the Special Commission that incorporate elaborations and amplifications not included in the original document reviewed and approved for publication by the Holy and Sacred Synod. Excerpt: "The Orthodox Church understands the human person as having been created in the image [...]


Environmental Concerns

Orthodox Perspectives on Environmental Concerns Report of the WCC Inter-Orthodox Consultation, Sofia, Bulgaria, October 1987 (Extracts) Excerpt: "We believe that the created world itself is a 'mystery' originating in the sovereign will of God accomplished by the action (energia) of the Holy Trinity. We confess in the NiceneConstantinopolitan creed (325/381) that [...]


Sexuality & Biomedical Ethics

Orthodox Perspectives on Human Sexuality & Biomedical Ethics by Fr. Stanley HarakasExcerpt: "Everyone living today is sensitive to the fact that medical science is making enormous advances. Not only are illnesses being treated with remarkable computerized diagnostic machines, exotic technologies, and new drug therapies, but average people are now faced with an [...]


War & Peace

Orthodox Perspectives on War and Peace by Fr. Stanley S. Harakas Excerpt: "It has been customary when approaching the social teachings of the Fathers of the Church, to speak of the patristic teaching on the topic of war rather than to speak of the Church Father's teaching on peace. Nevertheless, [...]



Orthodox Perspectives on Marriage Marriage: The Great Sacrament A Sermon by Archimandrite Aimilianos of Simonopetra, Mount Athos delivered in the Church of St. Nicholas, Trikala, Greece, 17 January, 1971 Nobody would dispute that the most important day in a person's life, after his birth and baptism, is that of his marriage. [...]

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