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Courage in the Face of the Impossible

May 3, 2015 Length: The Sunday of the Myrrhbearers shows us some courageous women who, even when faced with an impossible task (who will roll the stone away) nevertheless kept on going to minister to the Lord. But even when they were confronted with the empty tomb and the news of the Lord's resurrection, they [...]


Relax, God is in Control – Final Thoughts

Transcript Dear friends and auditors of Ancient Faith Radio, especially those of you who have been listening to this very controversial podcast, which I never thought would be so controversial when I criticized the expression “Relax, God is in control”— when I criticized the “relax” part and the “God being in control” part. The word [...]


Bishops – Part 54: 19th Century Russia

October 29, 2014 Length: 41:25 For the next few podcasts, Fr. Tom will be looking at the important 19th century in Russian Orthodox history. He recommended several books but in particular these three.The Heart of Russia by Scott M. KenworthyThe Making of Holy Russia by Fr. John StricklandRussian Orthodoxy on the Eve of Revolution by [...]


Bishops – Part 52: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire

Transcript We continue now our reflections on bishops and church structural organization in Orthodox Church history. I want to deal today with the 19th century, and particularly today with the Orthodox Churches in the Ottoman Empire, because this century witnessed the decomposition of the Ottoman Empire, and ultimately its total demise that would be coming [...]


The Ascension of Christ – Part 2

2012-04-27 08:26:24 April 27, 2012 Orthodox Christian Synergy is a pan-Orthodox organization consisting of clergy and lay representatives of Chicago-area Orthodox Christian parishes who seek to project awareness of Orthodox Christianity to the public at large. Synergy works together with its parent organization, the Orthodox Christian Clergy Association of Greater Chicago, and with the blessings [...]

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